SUPER 2012 Fall/Winter “Humanism” Collection

A collection we are always looking out for is that of Italian label RETROSUPERFUTURE aka SUPER Sunglasses. Always bringing fresh styles to the table, SUPER delivers a strong and original collection for the 2012 Fall/Winter seasons. Cultivating around the theme “Humanism” we see SUPER take elements from ancient civilizations and cultures  as we see with the Francis series (Flat Top and People models) get quite the makeover with heiroglypic-inspired graphics. As we all know each line is always limited, but the super-limited VISIVA series has expanded to include high resolution frame printing, but also laser engraved acetate, and printed fabrics. Each frame comes with a special edition case and will be produced during this season only. Be sure to  catch this collection as this is the brands strongest collection to date.

Available HERE.

(photos via Eyegoodies)


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